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Understanding Bankruptcy Cases and Outcomes

Paying The Price For An Auto Accident

by Loretta Harris

Being involved in an auto accident can not only be frightening, it can be costly. Even if you have good insurance coverage, there are a lot of costs that you might end up paying out of your own pocket.

Seeking financial compensation against the liable party in a personal injury case can help you recoup some of the money that you will spend following a car accident. Being familiar with the true price you will pay for an auto accident will help you see the value in seeking the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

1. Medical Expenses

While you might be expecting to pay for a hospital stay following a serious auto accident, you might not be prepared for the unexpected medical expenses that can be associated with an injury.

In addition to your actual hospital bill, you may need to pay for medical devices (like crutches or a wheelchair), prescription medications, and additional surgeries required to treat your injury. These unexpected medical costs can become a serious burden, so pursuing a personal injury lawsuit can be beneficial.

2. Rehabilitative Care

Once you are released from the hospital following an auto accident, you may find that you need ongoing rehabilitative care to fully recover from your injuries. This rehabilitative care could be administered to address your physical needs in the form of physical therapy or an in-home care specialist that will help you complete day-to-day tasks during recovery.

You might also need rehabilitative care for your mental health. Some auto accident victims experience PTSD and other forms of trauma that require the help of a psychiatrist to treat. Rehabilitative care can be costly, so you should attempt to offset your recovery costs through a personal injury lawsuit.

3. Lost Wages

One of the most costly prices that you will pay for being involved in an auto accident is the time that you will spend away from work. Many people don't have enough sick leave or personal time off to cover an extended hospital stay or lengthy recovery period, so you might find yourself without the income you would generate by working.

Not having a source of income can be a steep price to pay, so having a personal injury lawyer help you seek compensation for lost wages can be a simple and effective way to ensure your auto accident doesn't cause you to experience undue financial hardship due to lost wages. Contact a law firm, like O'Connor Mikita & Davidson LLC, for more help.